Bill Pfund's Beginning Trumpet Method


Bill Pfund's Beginning Trumpet Method is a comprehensive method for the beginning trumpeter that includes beginner's information, including holding the trumpet, posture, fingerings, and cleaning. The exercises at the beginning have a choice of starting with low C or with middle G, depending upon what note sounds most easily for the individual student. This book is intended to supplement either a typical beginning band program or to be used with an instructor. After the introductory lessons, the typical lesson is two pages long, and includes specific exercises for the development of all aspects of trumpet playing, traditional melodies from different styles of music, as well as a duet. Also included with each lesson is a creative assignment that includes beginning work with music composition and music theory. There is a separate workbook listed in this series of books that includes all of these creative exercises along with blank staves for the completion of each exercise. This book is listed as "Musical Invention Exercises for All Instruments," by Kyle Gregory.