Bill Pfund Signature Mouthpiece


Signature mouthpieces have been developed for each family of instruments. These mouthpieces have been developed to enhance the qualities of each Bill Pfund instrument.

I have a set of mouthpieces that I use for customer trial. These are on site here in Eaton, Colorado, and will be available for customers to try. I will also take them with me to all the various shows, conferences and clinics I attend or present. The reason for this is that if I send them out for approval, they are then used merchandise if they are returned.

I will keep the trial mouthpieces and after a particular design of size is selected by the customer, I will have an identical new mouthpiece made. This process should take approximately one to two months. The new mouthpiece will be exactly like the one tried in my shop. The mouthpieces were selected by playing them — all with a variety of combinations of rim, cup, and shank at Peter Picket's shop in Lexington, Kentucky, with each family of instruments. After that, the CAD program was used to redesign to exterior of the mouthpiece with certain acoustical considerations as well as aesthetic design. This design is then reproduced very accurately on a CNC machine with very close tolerances to insure the every mouthpiece is exactly the same.

Bb or C trumpet: available sizes 1–7 correspond approximately to the Bach sizes with enhanced characteristics of response, ease in upper register, endurance and tone quality.

Bb cornet: available sizes 1–7 correspond approximately to the Bach sizes, British style, with great warm sound.

C cornet: same as the Bb cornet mouthpiece but with a slightly larger shank to adjust for a slightly larger receiver.

Flügelhorn: available in sizes 1–7 and works with one of the receiver/leadpipes (supplied with the flügelhorn) to play in tune through the entire register and also the octave above the staff if the player is required and able to play in this range. The mouthpiece supplied with the instrument and the second receiver/leadpipe (supplied with the instrument) has a larger and warmer sound, but plays slightly flat above the G at the top of the staff.

Eb or D trumpet: available in sizes 3–7 and works well for either Eb of D trumpet. Has a warm and robust sound.

Bb or A piccolo trumpet: available in sizes 3–7, has a cornet shank, and warm and clear sound.

All the trumpet shank mouthpieces (Bb or C trumpet, Eb or D trumpet), are also available with the shank machined to fit the "Reeves sleeves" that make it possible to change the gap between the end of the mouthpiece and the end of the leadpipe. The sleeves come in a variety of sizes to increase or decrease the gap. These Reeves shank mouthpieces are the same cost as the regular mouthpieces, and the sleeves are extra.

All mouthpieces supplied in silver plate; please call for pricing on gold plating. There are no returns on mouthpieces unless defective, and full payment is required at the time of purchase.