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Bill Pfund Signature Mouthpiece


Signature mouthpieces have been developed for each family of instruments. These mouthpieces have been developed to enhance the qualities of each Bill Pfund instrument.

I have a set of mouthpieces that I use for customer trial. These are on site here in Eaton, Colorado, and will be available for customers to try. I will also take them with me to all the various shows, conferences and clinics I attend or present. The reason for this is that if I send them out for approval, they are then used merchandise if they are returned.

Heavy Bottom Valve Cap


This listing is for a single valve cap. Sets of 3 are available at a discount by clicking here.

Available in clear lacquer or silver plate. The weight of a regular Bill Pfund valve cap is approximately 0.6 oz., with the heavy cap weighing approximately 1.2 oz. Caps come supplied with o-rings.

Anhydrous Lanolin


Available in a one-ounce jar, anhydrous lanolin is great for lubricating and sealing the second valve slide and the tuning slide. This has a long life and is quite thick, so it helps prevent accidental slide movement.

Valve Cap O-Rings (Set of 3)


Set of three o-rings; comes with installation instructions. These need to be replaced regularly. O-rings fit nearly any brand of trumpet.

Valve Slide O-Rings (Set of 4)


Available in sets of 4 (2 for the first valve slide and 2 for the third valve slide). These keeps the slides from making noise when pulled to the short position. O-rings fit nearly any brand of trumpet.

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